How to take care of your skin?

Find all the tips and tricks to take care of your skin daily with natural and healthy products.

Skin problems

Beyond the individual and specific cases, there are some known common factors that stress our skin and can cause skin imbalances, find out more on



What you eat has a significant impact on your skin, especially if you have a food intolerance.


Hormonal fluctuations affect the health of the skin, especially during the period of their menstrual cycle.


Hormones released by stress can slow down skin functions and affect the skin barrier.

Chemical products

Chemical ingredients that irritate the health of the skin can be found in products and also in clothing.

Cosmetic recipes

Essential oils

Essential oils

Moisturizer Recipes

When it comes to natural products to be applied to the skin, adding a high-quality essential oil to a personal care product that could be made of synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients could cause skin irritation.

To make your own homemade moisturizer, you can choose from a wide assortment of natural base oils with remarkable protective properties. More tips on

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup Remover

Make-up removal is the basis for healthy skin. It removes impurities, cleanses the skin and helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and blackheads. It is a gesture not to be neglected!

Makeup Remover

Anti-wrinkle serum

Wrinkles are caused by the thinning and loosening of skin cells. Essential oils can help you to counter the ageing of the skin. Incense essential oil can regenerate the skin and care for mature skin.

Anti-wrinkle serum
Gentle body scrubu

Gentle body scrubu

Gentle scrubu, whether for the face or body, allows you to deeply cleanse your skin.

Gentle facial scrub

Gentle facial scrub

Present in many dermatological treatments for its bactericidal and detoxifying active ingredients.