Skin care

How to take natural care of your skin after hair removal?

Ingrown hairs, small pimples, redness… The skin is very often weakened by repeated hair removal and shaving. How can this be remedied? Which natural active ingredients should be used to repair it? From aloe vera gel to argan oil, discover…

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Musk rose oil: its beauty benefits

Straight from South America, musk rose oil comes from a species of rose, the Rosa Rubiginosa, also known as the Muscat rose. Its roses are white and the fruit contains seeds, which are cold-pressed to produce musk rose oil. In…

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How do you care for and cleanse normal skin?

Normal skin is by definition balanced. This does not prevent it from making demands. It requires regular hydration, targeted ingredients and a specific routine. Whether it is micellar water or moisturising cream, organic cosmetics are full of nutrients particularly adapted…

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How to care for combination to oily skin?

Combination skin or oily skin, each skin type has well-defined characteristics. Contrary to certain preconceived ideas, oily skin does not only concern teenagers. In the same way, combination skin can concern both women and men. Discover our tips for caring…

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