Skin problems

Scars: how can they be reduced?

Scars are one of those imperfections that encumber us. A bad fall during childhood, acne in adolescence or the trace of a surgical operation. Any wound is likely to heal more or less well. In the case of inflammation, for…

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Plastic surgery: what is reimbursed?

Restorative surgery was born out of the maxillofacial and physical reconstruction, following the ravages of the First World War, and aimed at restoring integrity to a damaged face or body. Considered as therapeutic, it is treated, unlike cosmetic surgery, an…

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Protective mask and buttons: what to do against the masked one?

Whether disposable or washable, the face mask is undoubtedly the flagship accessory of this year 2020. Mandatory in shops, enclosed public spaces, public transport and businesses, it is the source of new problems, particularly for the skin. The maskne (a…

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Acne problems: origin and how to fight them

Acne is a small skin disease that causes oily skin and small red and white pimples. This condition most often begins in adolescence and ends, in most cases, before the age of 25. However, there are adults affected by this…

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