Skin hygiene

Tips for washing your face

Removing make-up and cleansing your face helps to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Cleansing gel, micellar water, cleansing foam, cleansing milk, floral waters,  which cosmetic products to choose and which gestures to adopt? Here’s everything you need to know…

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Prepare your skin for the sun with your plate!

The first rays of the sun are back and the terraces are filling up for a chance to start tanning. While waiting for the summer holidays, you only have a few hours here and there to get some colour. Even…

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Beauty products with donkey milk

Donkey milk is the milk given by the female donkey. It has been used for generations in food and cosmetics. Presentation of donkey milk Donkey’s milk, together with mare’s milk, is the closest to human breast milk. It contains much…

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Skin hygiene: choosing the right soap

The source of good hygiene for the body is regular daily washing. But even more importantly, it is necessary to use soap to care for the skin and to remove impurities such as bacteria and dirt. However, the choice of…

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