Beauty products with donkey milk

Donkey milk is the milk given by the female donkey. It has been used for generations in food and cosmetics.

Presentation of donkey milk

Donkey's milk, together with mare's milk, is the closest to human breast milk. It contains much less fat than cow's milk. Historically, it is said that Queen Cleopatra regularly took baths in donkey's milk to preserve the youthfulness of her skin and her beauty. She owned a herd of donkeys which provided her with the milk necessary for her bath of youth. In France, the nobility and the bourgeoisie used it for cosmetic purposes, as for example, Francis I, who used donkey milk cures.

The advantages of donkey's milk beauty products

Donkey milk has high lactose content and a low fat content. It is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, E), minerals, carbohydrates, ceramides and essential fatty acids. It proves to be an excellent natural tensor and slows down skin ageing. It is effective on problem skin (acne, psoriasis, eczema), dry, delicate and sensitive skin. It is particularly recommended for black skin, which is often very dry, but is also suitable for baby care. It also reduces razor burn.

Cosmetic products with donkey milk

In cosmetology, it is found in donkey's milk at 5% to 40% in formulas and it is often associated with natural ingredients (jojoba, argan,etc.) which will bring their multiple virtues. However, the production of donkey milk is quite rare: it is done in a traditional way, produced in very small quantities (a donkey produces about 1.5 litres of milk per day while a cow produces 30 litres daily), and requires a particular and constraining know-how. Artisanal asineries are small in size and few in number. They are widespread in the French countryside, especially in the south-west. These different reasons explain the cost of donkey milk cosmetics higher than an "ordinary" cosmetic product. Several donkey milk cosmetics can be found: donkey milk cream, donkey milk soap, beard soap, donkey milk shampoo, a basket of donkey milk beauty products, etc.
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