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Published on : 04 November 20204 min reading time

Removing make-up and cleansing your face helps to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Cleansing gel, micellar water, cleansing foam, cleansing milk, floral waters,  which cosmetic products to choose and which gestures to adopt? Here’s everything you need to know and mistakes to avoid to wash your face impeccably.

Prefer products dedicated to the face

Whatever the region of the body, the skin consists of 3 layers: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The skin of the face is nevertheless more sensitive because it is:

  • Thinner (0.12mm on the face, 0.6mm on the body);
  • More exposed to external aggressions.

The face therefore requires targeted cosmetic products.

Is it good to wash the face with soap?

We strongly advise against using body soap on the face: the skin of the face is sensitive; its pH would be altered. If you wish to wash your face with soap, choose a soap that is as natural as possible, without dyes or other chemical ingredients. You can use ultra-gentle soaps such as greasy soap or syndet.

Remove make-up carefully

Why remove make-up? It is because make-up residues clog the pores of the epidermis and prevent the skin from breathing. The complexion loses its radiance, skin ageing accelerates and imperfections may appear.

How to remove make-up? Preferably by choosing an organic make-up remover, correlated to your needs:

  • A cleansing milk will be recommended for dry skin because of its moisturising virtues;
  • Micellar water is suitable for all skin types, even if it is particularly suitable for sensitive skin;

Vegetable oils act in a more targeted manner, depending on the active ingredients they contain. For example, sweet almond oil soothes sensitive skin, jojoba oil balances combination skin and argan oil helps to combat the signs of ageing.

Each area of the face has its own needs

Mouth, eyes, complexion, It is advisable to choose a make-up remover coordinated with the type of make-up used. Mascara may require a specific make-up remover, for example, to remove deposits from the lashes, while respecting the particularly sensitive eye contour area.

Wash your face with a targeted cleanser

At this stage, it is a question of ridding the skin of impurities (pollution, toxins, dead cells, etc.).

Which cleansing product to choose for the face?

  • A cleansing foam is recommended for combination skin, it acts gently ;
  • A cleansing gel is more suitable for oily skin because it purifies the epidermis ;
  • Micellar water is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Gentle rinsing

Water that is too hot is harmful to the skin. Water that is too cold will tighten the pores of the skin but without any cleansing effect.

Washing your face in the shower is a mistake to be avoided. Indeed, in the shower, the water is too hot and the pressure may be too strong for the face.

If you rinse with tap water, it is best to rinse floral water off your face with a cotton pad afterwards, to remove any lime residue.

A mist of floral water as a final note

After washing your face and neck, it is advisable to spray a mist of floral water, to enjoy the benefits of the flower that composes it:

  • Cornflower floral water decongests and soothes sensitive skin;
  • Orange blossom floral water softens dry skin;
  • Rose floral water tones and purifies, ideal for combination skin.

Dry your skin well

It is important to dry the skin gently, i.e. without rubbing: you can dab your face gently with a clean cotton towel.

Scrubs yes, but sparingly

Exfoliating the epidermis eliminates dead cells, refines skin texture and revives the radiance of the complexion.

An exfoliation should be applied to damp, clean skin, using circular massages, taking care to avoid the eye contour area.

In order to protect the skin, an exfoliation – even a gentle one – should not be carried out more than twice a week.

Clean skin needs to be moisturised

Well cleansed, the skin breathes and is ready for a moisturising treatment. It is essential that the skin is nourished in order to protect it against external aggressions. Aloe vera, argan, jojoba, borage or shea butter, choose the active ingredient that best suits your skin’s needs.

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