Skin hygiene: choosing the right soap

The source of good hygiene for the body is regular daily washing. But even more importantly, it is necessary to use soap to care for the skin and to remove impurities such as bacteria and dirt. However, the choice of soap is not always a simple matter. Depending on the type of skin, whether sensitive, allergic or normal, it is essential to choose the right soap. To help you, here are some ideas and examples of ideal soaps that are safe for your body.

Liquid soaps or bar soap

Two types of soap are available on the market. Either you opt for liquid soaps or bar soaps. In general, liquid soap promises a pleasant wash. It is able to keep the skin moisturised. Liquid soap However, most of them are more colourful, not to mention the fragrance. These are often the source of allergy risks for some people with sensitive skin. However, there are exceptions. If you opt for bar soap, there are many advantages. Although it tends to dry the skin, it promises many benefits, especially for sensitive skin. In fact, this type of soap is very mild, without perfume or dyes. The risk of irritation is also almost non-existent with bar soap. This makes bar soap the most reassuring soap for good hygiene and healthy skin.

Adopt Aleppo soap daily

In addition to the organic liquid soaps mentioned above, it is also advisable to use a natural soap such as Aleppo soap. Originally from Syria, this soap is a traditional soap made from natural ingredients such as Olive oil and Laurel berry oil. It is important to know that daily use of this soap will provide many benefits for your skin. It is often recommended by dermatologists. The two agents present in the soap each play a major role in body care. Olive oil is able to soften and moisturize the skin. As for Laurel berry oil, it has antiseptic properties. Knowing that there are falsified Aleppo soaps, be really careful when buying the product. Check the labels and also the price. Ban all cheap Aleppo soaps.

Marseille soap, a source of well-being for the skin

Marseille SoapThe Marseille soap is also a very good alternative to take care of the body every day. It is well adapted to all those who want to have a beautiful skin. In general, Marseille soap contains 100% vegetable ingredients. If we look more closely at the details of the recipe for this soap, it contains 72% vegetable oil, sodium cocoate, sodium palmate, sodium olivate, a little aqua and soda salts. The one made of Olive oil has a green colour and the one with a cream colour is based on coconut-palm oil. Unfortunately, this recipe is not protected by an AOC. As a result, fake Marseille soaps are circulating on the market. You will therefore have to be careful. When you buy real Marseille soap, it must have the words "72 % oil", the brand name and the name of the soap factory which made it on these 6 sides.
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